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Dr. Eric Betzig and Dr. Na Ji visited our lab and Xiamen University and gave lectures


  Invited by Prof. Bin Ren, Dr. Eric Betzig, the Nobel chemistry prize laureate in 2014, and his wife Dr. Na Ji visited Xiamen University and our lab on March 24th, 2016. He delivered an impressive lecture about “Imaging life at high spatiotemporal resolution”.

  Not unexpected, the huge Chemistry Hall was completely full throughout the lecture. During the lecture, Eric shared his scientific journey in pursuing the living cell imaging with high spatiotemporal resolution, which indeed revolutionized the fields of chemistry and biology. He also shared with us his life experience towards a successful scientific career.Very hot discussion was followed after the talk. Most of the students were deeply impressed by his working style, working with goal and diligence. “No pains, no gains” was something that the students will remember for a while after Eric’s talk.

  His wife, Dr. Na Ji gave a stimulating talk about “Wavefront shaping for in vivo brain imaging”, a technique that is highly important for in vivo imaging. During the discussion session, she shared with our students in Chinese her own experience and feeling in doing science and encouraged students to pursue their favorite field and fully devote to it.

  During the noon, they visited the campus as well as laser Raman lab accompanied by Prof. Bin Ren and Dr. Cheng Zong.

  In the afternoon, they had a roundtable discussion on the research frontiers, institutional management, scientific culture, and etc..