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[JACS] Prof. Haichao Xu published a paper entitled "Electrochemical Difluoromethylarylation of Alkynes"


Title: Electrochemical Difluoromethylarylation of Alkynes

Author: Peng Xiong, He-Huan Xu, Jinshuai Song, and Hai-Chao Xu


An unprecedented radical difluoromethylarylation reaction of alkynes has been developed by discovering a new difluoromethylation reagent, CF2HSO2NHNHBoc. This air-stable and solid reagent can be prepared in one step from commercially available reagents CF2HSO2Cl and NH2NHBoc. The CF2H radical, generated through ferrocene-mediated electrochemical oxidation of CF2HSO2NHNHBoc, participates in an unexplored alkyne addition reaction followed by a challenging 7-membered ring-forming homolytic aromatic substitution step to afford fluorinated dibenzazepines.

Full-Link: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/jacs.8b00391